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Our Past Is Your Future.

Our history is a significant strength of Voyager. Indeed, your future is deeply rooted in our past.

Voyager Systems, Inc. was founded by Keith Haenel in 1985.  Keith remains today as Voyager CEO & CTO.  Prior to founding Voyager, Keith was employed at Wang Laboratories headquartered in Lowell, MA where he was a member of the Wang Engineering staff.  Keith was responsible for the development of several Wang networking and imaging products as well as enhancements to the VS operating system.  Voyager was established to primarily serve the Wang application market and originally developed and sold a suite of Wang-based products and services.  Many of these products and services have been used to form the core of Voyager’s business model and the current generation of conversion tools and services such as the proprietary Voyager COBOL Conversion Utility.

The Voyager corporate office is geographically situated in the New England region of the United States where the minicomputer was born, launched by the introduction of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)’s PDP-8 in 1964 and subsequently spanning many generations of computers through the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s from companies such as Data General, Prime Computer, Wang Laboratories, Apollo Computer and later, following the acquisition of DEC, key divisions of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard.  In this same region, within driving distance of Voyager, many thousands of engineering and technical resources from these legacy pioneers still work and collaborate.  It is within this vibrant community that Voyager thrives, allowing us to tap this unique heritage while building your future using resources skilled in the latest technologies.

See for yourself – contact us today.  Meet our staff and legacy consultants who will strongly validate Voyager’s background and core competency in legacy application migration.  No one is better positioned than Voyager to help you make the transition from old to new.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act ... but a habit!"


Case Studies

Learn how Voyager Systems has enabled our clients to leap forward into the future with the latest technologies.

“The level of service and support has been wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about Voyager.”

- IS Manager
Archdiocese of Boston
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