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Recent Case Study Snapshots.

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Voyager Systems has completed hundreds of legacy migrations, data conversions and custom enhancements.  Below is a synopsis of current and recent engagements.  The snapshots listed are representative of our work and the clients are all currently active.

State of Oregon, Department of Consumer & Business Affairs
U.S. Deparment of Agriculture, Nutrient Data Laboratory
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance - United Kingdom
Maine State Legislature
Atlas Air Service - Germany
Rochester NY Police Department

DCBS is Oregon's largest regulatory agency. The department administers state laws and rules and protects consumers and workers in the areas of workers' compensation, occupational safety and health, financial services, insurance, building codes, and targeted contracting opportunities for small businesses.

Voyager was contracted by DCBS to complete the migration of eighteen (18) complex Wang-based applications to a web-based Oracle 10g environment with significant database modification. These COBOL applications are functionally wide-ranging, covering each of the major areas under the jurdisction of DCBS and, in total, represent a massive legacy suite.  This migration project also involved a tremendous amount of redesign effort (UI, DB, business logic) in order to take advantage of the target platform. The final subsystems were placed into production in late 2007 thereby allowing DCBS to elminate the high cost and inflexibility of the existing legacy system. back to top

The USDA-Nutrient Data Laboratory is a government agency that conducts nutrient research on authoritative foods and on dietary supplements. The NDL annually produces the USDA National Nutrient Database Standard reference for the users of scientific communities, healthcare professionals, food industry, media, schools and consumers. This reference was built initially on Oracle 9i with Oracle Developer Suite 6i and SAS 8. Driven by the announcement by Oracle to discontinue support for Oracle 6.x client/server protocol in 2006, NDL felt it necessary to migrate the reference standard to a Web-Intranet-based system with multi-tier environment running the latest version of Oracle 10g Application Server and Database. Voyager completed & delivered all mandatory milestones on time and within budget.

Voyager has recently been awarded an optional, extended contract to maintain the NDL Nutrient Database (Oracle 10g) system as well as to perform a complete analysis & design for the NDL Dietary Supplements Database for four years. back to top

LLOYDS TSB COMMERCIAL FINANCE - Banbury, England United Kingdom  
Voyager Systems was chosen by Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, one of the largest providers of asset based lending in the United Kingdom, to migrate their mission-critical application from a legacy system environment to Microsoft .NET with MS-SQL Server.  Voyager employed the Microsoft .NET Framework to emulate the functionality of our clients current platform, ensuring that the new application retain the features that users understand and need to retain while, at the same time, adding flexibility, scalability and robustness.  The migration project was a large, complex effort as represented by 200 disparate data tables and a enormous amount of COBOL code in the source application.  Due to the nature of the industry, rigorous Acceptance Test plans were followed and executed, successfully completed with production cutover in approximately 45 days.  Recently, Voyager signed a follow-on agreement with Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance to provide additional functional enhancements to the application and also for ongoing maintenance engineering and technical support services. back to top

Voyager Systems was selected by the state of Maine to migrate their bill status and tracking system from a COBOL based application platform to Microsoft .NET framework with MS-SQL Server.  This application was a mission-critical application that supports that activity of legislative workflow.   In addition, in order to make the system easy & flexible to use, Voyager designed new funtionality which enhanced the capabilities of the system and increased staff productivity.  For example, given the amount of data and fluctuating status of legislative submissions, it is vital for the finance, administrative and operational staff to be able to closely monitor & track the bills throughout each session and to be able to easily query the system.   Therefore, Voyager has designed an integrated, user-friendly query builder function which will allow the end users to interrogate and quickly find essential information.  This critical application suite was placed into production in late 2007. back to top

ATLAS AIR SERVICES - Ganderkesee, Germany 
Atlas Air Service is a premier aircraft service & distribution company located in Europe providing maintenance, repair and sales support for major manufacturers such as Cessna and Piper Aircraft.  In 2003, Atlas originally engaged Voyager  to complete the migration of a mission critical legacy application to Oracle 9i with Oracle IDS 6i and to further customize the application for extensions such as bar coded inventory tracking.  The migrated application was completed on time and on budget and is being executed in the day-to-day operation of the firm today.  Currently, Voyager is upgrading the application to a web-based environment with major functional improvements in automated price schedules and support for additonal aircraft product lines. The new application went into production in Q3 2007. back to top

Voyager was initially engaged by RPD to convert three (3) legacy system applications to Oracle 8.0 and to develop a new Motor Vehicle application within the Oracle environment. The application also required extensive imaging integration.  Voyager was responsible to also upgrade the Rochester Police Records Management System from the Wang legacy environment to client/server to a web-based application with Oracle Application Server and Database.

At that time, Voyager provided an interface module to allow the field reporting system to share information with Motor Vehicle Application (MVA). Both the RMS and MVA applications continue to be used extensively for in-house reporting of crimes, accidents, searches and inquiries, and transmitting accident information to insurance companies and other entities. All work was completed on-time and on-budget.

Voyager has been engaged as a key partner in the Automated Field Reporting project, a complex department-wide effort that is viewed as a mission-critical transformation of the Rochester Police Department. Voyager’s role as the primary software application contractor includes responsibility for the design and development of a new, state-of-the art Records Management System Application & Data Layer which is compliant with the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM) to support improved interoperability and data sharing.back to top



Case Studies

Learn how Voyager Systems has enabled our clients to leap forward into the future with the latest technologies.

"Very professional, helpful, friendly, and courteous."

- Director of Administrative Services
State of Iowa
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